Grant a client access to the proxy

Service access restrictions

The proxy is exposed inside the cluster as an OpenShift service (secured with a service-CA signed certificate).

By default, the component deploys a NetworkPolicy which allows traffic from namespaces labelled with Enable access by executing

kubectl label ns cust-monitoring --overwrite

If parameters.openshift_prometheus_proxy.access.use_networkpolicy is set to false (this is required for clusters which use the multitenant network plugin), the component instead configures the proxy namespace’s network ID to 0. On such a cluster, even though the proxy service is accessible from all namespaces, only service accounts which are explicitly granted access can retrieve Prometheus metrics through the proxy.

RBAC rules for client service accounts

By default, clients can’t access Prometheus through the proxy, as the proxy checks whether client tokens have been granted access.

Client service accounts are granted access to the proxy by the component if they’re listed in parameters.openshift_prometheus_proxy.access.service_account_refs:

        - namespace: cust-monitoring
          name: prometheus