OpenShift4 Monitoring

openshift4-monitoring is a Commodore component to manage OpenShift4 Monitoring. It creates a ConfigMap in order to configure the monitoring stack of the cluster.

See the parameters reference for further details.

This Commodore component violates a warning from the OpenShift 4 documentation. See Alert rules for the how and the why.

Node Selector

A node selector is configured to only run the monitoring pods on infra nodes. By doing so, the monitoring can be run on only a subset of the worker nodes.

Ensure that the target cluster does have nodes with the infra role label set. See the components defaults for the exact value.

Cluster-reader permissions

The component deploys a ClusterRole which grants get, list, and watch permissions on all resources. This ClusterRole is configured to be aggregated to the cluster-reader ClusterRole, thus granting users which have cluster-reader read-only access to all resources in the cluster.