openshift4-terraform is a Commodore component to manage openshift4-terraform.

The component currently supports cloud providers and Exoscale.

The component allows users to drive the terraform-openshift4-cloudscale and terraform-openshift4-exoscale Terraform modules through the Project Syn hierarchy.

The component contains logic which verifies the provided combination of Terraform version, Terraform module version and cloud provider. Configurations which result an unsupported combination will cause a compilation error.

The component currently supports

  • Terraform < 1.3.0 with module versions < v4.0.0 for or module versions < v3.0.0 for Exoscale or

  • Terraform >= 1.3.0 with module versions >= v4.0.0 for or module versions >= v3.0.0 for Exoscale

See the parameters reference for further details.