Migrate from component openshift4-cloudscale

This component supports both the Terraform module for OpenShift 4 on Exoscale and cloudscale.ch. Previously there was a dedicated component openshift4-cloudscale for driving the Terraform module for OpenShift 4 on cloudscale.ch. That component is deprecated in favor of this component.

This how-to provides a guide for migrating from component openshift4-cloudscale to openshift4-terraform.

It’s highly recommended that you first perform the component migration and then follow the guide to upgrade the cloudscale.ch Terraform module from v1 to v2.


You need to be able to execute the following CLI tools locally:


Prepare inputs

  1. Make a note of the Project Syn ID of the cluster which you want to migrate

    export CLUSTER_ID=c-the-cluster-1234 (1)
    1 Replace with the ID of the cluster to migrate

Migrate component config

  1. Make cluster catalog available locally

    commodore catalog compile ${CLUSTER_ID}
  2. Extract tenant ID from commodore working directory

    export TENANT_ID=$(yq e '.parameters.cluster.tenant' inventory/classes/params/cluster.yml)
  3. Update cluster config to use component openshift4-terraform

    # Change to tenant config repo
    pushd "inventory/classes/${TENANT_ID}"
    # Remove component openshift4-cloudscale and add component openshift4-terraform
    yq eval -i '.applications = (.applications[] |
      select(. != "openshift4-cloudscale") | [[.]][]) + (["openshift4-terraform"])' \
    # Move parameters from openshift4_cloudscale to openshift4_terraform
    yq eval -i '.parameters.openshift4_terraform = .parameters.openshift4_cloudscale |
      del(.parameters.openshift4_cloudscale) |
      .parameters.openshift4_terraform.terraform_variables =
        .parameters.openshift4_terraform.variables |
      del(.parameters.openshift4_terraform.variables)' "${CLUSTER_ID}.yml"
  4. Inspect changes and commit them if they’re ok

    Commit changes
    git commit -av
    git push origin master
  5. Switch back to Commodore working directory

  6. Update GitLab CI configuration

    • Change location of gitlab-ci.yml in Settings  CI/CD  General pipelines to manifests/openshift4-terraform/gitlab-ci.yml

  7. Compile and push new catalog

    commodore catalog compile ${CLUSTER_ID} --push -i