Configuring a client


If you’re using the Project Syn component for cert-manager, you can see the component’s how-to on Using DNS01 challenges.

Otherwise, follow the steps below, and see the cert-manager documentation for details on how to configure cert-manager to use the acme-dns client credentials.

Other clients

To manually register and configure an acme-dns client you need to perform the following steps.

  1. Register the client on the acme-dns instance

    reg_user=acme-dns (1)
    reg_pass=password (2)
    api_url= (3)
    client_config=$(curl -XPOST -u "${reg_user}:${reg_pass}" "${api_url}/register")
    1 HTTP basic authentication username for /register endpoint
    2 HTTP basic authentication password for /register endpoint
    3 HTTP API URL of the acme-dns instance
  2. Setup CNAME record on the FQDN for which you want to serve TXT records from the acme-dns instance

    $ORIGIN (1)
    _acme-challenge.<name> IN CNAME <fulldomain>. (2)
    1 Replace with the zone of your FQDN.
    2 Replace <name> with the DNS name of your FQDN in the zone. Simply use _acme-challenge to serve TXT records for DNS01 challenges for DNS names and *

    Replace <fulldomain> with the output of the following command:

    echo "${client_config}" | jq -r '.fulldomain'
  3. Setup your client to use the credentials from the first step to talk to the acme-dns instance.

    Print client credentials
    echo "${client_config}"