Upgrade component-cert-manager from v2.x to v3.x

Version 2.x upgrades the underlying cert-manager Helm chart from v1.5.x to v1.8.x. With this release old API versions (v1alpha2, v1alpha3, and v1beta1) will no longer be served by the API.

This upgrade may require manual steps and older software and definitions might still use the older API versions.


cmctl offers various helpers to simplify cert-manager upgrades.

There is also a Docker image available at quay.io/repository/jetstack/cert-manager-ctl

Upgrade existing objects to v1

To upgrade existing resources to v1, run the following command before upgrading cert-manager:

cmctl upgrade migrate-api-version --as=cluster-admin

Convert manifests to v1

In order to upgrade manifest files in your repositories, cmctl also has a convert command that can be used to convert local manifest files to v1.

cmctl convert -f cert.yaml

Check for usage of old API versions on OpenShift

To check if old API versions are still in use, run the following command:

kubectl --as=cluster-admin get apirequestcount -ojson | jq '
    .items[] |
            (.metadata.name | in({


            .status.requestCount > 0
        ) |
            resource: .metadata.name,
            requests: (
                reduce .status.last24h[] as $hour ({"requests": 0}; .requests += (
                    reduce $hour.byNode[]? as $node ({"requests": 0}; .requests += (
                        reduce $node.byUser[]? as $user ({"requests": 0}; .requests += (
                            reduce $user.byVerb[]? as $verb (0; . + (
                                if $verb.verb == "watch" or $verb.verb == "list" or $verb.verb == "get" then (1)
1 The watch, get and list verbs aren’t counted, requests for these endpoints usually comes from auto discovery.