Alert rule: InvitationEmailStuck

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This alert fires if any Invitation objects have an EmailSent status of "False". This is usually the result of an error during e-mail sending.

Steps for debugging

Check the status of the invitation resources

$ kubectl get invitations -o custom-columns=',EmailSent:{status.conditions[?(@.type=="EmailSent")].status},EmailSentReason:{status.conditions[?(@.type=="EmailSent")].reason},EmailSentMessage:{status.conditions[?(@.type=="EmailSent")].message}'

Check for invitations with EmailSent = False. They should contain the associated error message.

The error message should hopefully identify the underlying problem, which can then be fixed in the appropriate place. This may be in the invitation resource itself, or in the e-mail backend (such as Mailgun).

Check the logs of the controller

If the error message is lacking context, the logs of the controller can be checked additionally:

$ kubectl -n control-api logs deploy/control-api-controller -c controller