Connection to GitLab

The Lieutenant Operator needs to be able to connect to the GitLab API to create repositories for tenants and clusters. The following steps need to be performed before deploying Lieutenant.

Get GitLab Token

  1. Visit the GitLab instance you’d like to use.

  2. Login with the user that has the permissions necessary to write to the group you want to store your Project Syn repositories.

  3. Visit https://yourgitlab/profile/personal_access_tokens and create a token with api, read_repository, and write_repository scope.

Add Token to Vault

The generated token now needs to be stored inside the secret key manager.

vault kv put -cas=0 clusters/kv/${TENANT_ID}/${CLUSTER_ID}/lieutenant/githosts/your-gitlab token=${TOKEN}

Reference Token in Configuration

With the token added to Vault it can now be referenced by the GitHost configuration.

    token: '?{vaultkv:${cluster:tenant}/${cluster:name}/lieutenant/githosts/your-gitlab/token}'
    host_keys: | ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCnE1dMkh+3uHWck+cTvQqeNUW0lj1uVcIC9JX2Tg6gmkKCYA73+o+I7vo4g6nPtSOAfITvYdHJLzwE9GwlSFsXHMR9q0ErWl2wC+w6FawLMz9//5XqiBi2qq/8WnWp3ecY16jDoGRW4eymT+USFHKJVi696XBy3WE/0BBapPZ58WPqkKN6A27qkIK6FehI80f+zN4ZqikdwWuCFs35fsimcmLnWqWPm8zbOkgCiB+ov4O/xmRNHwJWCk/qzU6X/M9YtMXzAa5mjwDvcHSAizFD3a3Fv68G1VsmRZ0THLrRKM/WOxrWNZoimSNgyjTzoCwiKeckvL5+hpNcNSW+eBPt ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIO9EkPcVdsz/oVTI2VJkBlq8Mv/dg3rhcbgzAEKyiwUG

The host_keys need to contain the SSH public keys of your GitLab server. You can get these easily with: