Addon: Additional rules

This addon allows users to configure additional Prometheus rules to deploy on the cluster via the parameter addon_configs.additional_rules.

Each key-value pair in the dictionary is transformed into a Prometheus rule group by the component.

The component expects that values are dicts themselves and expects that keys in those dicts are prefixed with record: or alert: to indicate whether the rule is a recording or alerting rule. The component will transform the keys into fields in the resulting rule by taking the prefix as the field name and the rest of the key as the field value. For example, key "record:sum:some:metric:5m" would be transformed into record: sum:some:metric:5m which should define a recording rule with name sum:some:metric:5m. This field is then merged into the provided value which should be a valid rule definition.

See the Prometheus docs for supported configurations for recording and alerting rules.


        message: A container ({{$labels.container}}) in pod {{ $labels.namespace }}/{{ $labels.pod }} was OOM killed
      expr: |
        kube_pod_container_status_last_terminated_reason{reason="OOMKilled"} == 1
        severity: devnull