Alert rule: TopoLVMVolumeGroupNearFull

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This alert fires when the utilization of a TopoLVM volume group is higher than 85% of its capacity. To resolve this alert, unused pv should be deleted or the volume group size must be increased.

Steps for debugging

Check for lingering volumes

Check if there are logicalvolumes that aren’t associated with a persistentvolume.

$ diff -y <(k get logicalvolumes -o jsonpath='{range .items[*]}{}{"\n"}') <(k get pv -o jsonpath='{range .items[*]}{}{"\n"}')
                                                                > local-pv-14024b59 (1)
                                                                > local-pv-23eec265 (1)
                                                                > local-pv-9ae3e5a  (1)
  pvc-379faad7-edf7-4cbd-81e0-08d0f2207c36                        pvc-379faad7-edf7-4cbd-81e0-08d0f2207c36
  pvc-3a4e6c1b-b2c3-4cbe-a2a9-e6418ad8bcef                        pvc-3a4e6c1b-b2c3-4cbe-a2a9-e6418ad8bcef
  pvc-3fc91fd8-aeff-4adb-8135-327302dbc777                        pvc-3fc91fd8-aeff-4adb-8135-327302dbc777
                                                                > pvc-05089699-18eb-4959-83ee-f35bd9f2d7e2 (2)
  pvc-46411d9f-9bac-43fb-8bd5-583c2a7c5703                        pvc-46411d9f-9bac-43fb-8bd5-583c2a7c5703
  pvc-481d306b-5681-4e59-904b-6956192a4622                        pvc-481d306b-5681-4e59-904b-6956192a4622
> pvc-d93cd532-2c12-4864-a826-df8a5359daf9  (3)
  pvc-4c44f64a-287b-4123-abb9-39e76e8eb25e                        pvc-4c44f64a-287b-4123-abb9-39e76e8eb25e
[ ... remaining output omitted ... ]
1 local-pv-* are from the Openshift Local Storage Operator (usually created by rook-ceph cluster)
2 PV only listed on the "right" side are from non-TopoLVM storage classes.
3 PV only listed on the "left" side are logical volumes that aren’t associated with a persistent volume anymore.

Unassociated logicalvolumes <3> might be deleted, best to check with customer first.