Upgrade component from v3 to v4

The K8up Helm chart is now available in its own repository and no longer under charts.appuio.ch. To communicate a clear cut, K8up released a new chart version with v3.0.0. New chart releases are only available at the new location k8up-io.github.io/k8up, while the previous chart versions remain available in the APPUiO repository.

Component version v4.0.0 changes the defaults slightly so that both the new chart location and the old APPUiO repo to continue support the K8up major version selection using majorVersion.

When not doing a chart version pin in the parameters then this upgrade should be a no-brainer in most cases. The breaking changes in chart version v3.0.0 have been made non-breaking in the component, yet a major version is released to remove deprecated features and because some defaults regarding versions changed.

Parameter changes

  • enabled parameter is removed (was deprecated in component version v2.0.0). This parameter was used as a temporary workaround to disable a component until Commodore could do it natively.

  • Default value of charts.k8up changed from a version string 2.x to an object with {"version": "3.0.0", "source": "https://k8up-io.github.io/k8up"} for majorVersion=v2, and {"version": "1.1.0", "source": "https://charts.appuio.ch"} for majorVersion=v1. When setting majorVersion=v1 the chart version isn’t upgraded by default.

  • New default value of images.k8up.pullPolicy=IfNotPresent. v3 of the Helm chart changed this value to Always since it’s now using a floating tag, but we’ll keep the previously existing default of IfNotPresent while pinning the exact K8up version, so there should be no effective change. When setting majorVersion=v1 this has no effect.


  1. If applicable, remove the top-level parameters.backup_k8up.enabled parameter.

  2. If applicable, move chart version pin from

          k8up: 2.x.x


            version: 2.x.x
  3. Compile and push cluster catalog