Enable chrooted NGINX process


Ingress NGINX v1.2.0 introduces the option to essentially isolate the web proxy server as a container inside the controller container. This prevents that miss-configuration of the NGINX proxy server can expose the ingress controller.

For a more detailed explanation of what this does and why it increases the security of the ingress controller, you can read the official blog post.


Enabling the chrooted web proxy server adds the capability SYS_CHROOT. If you want to enable this feature on a cluster with restrictive security policies, please make sure that the NGINX deployment has permission to use the SYS_CHROOT capability before you do so.

The chroot feature can be enabled by setting the corresponding chroot parameter in the hierarchy.

    chroot: true

This change will restart all NGINX controllers. This might lead to dropped connections and downtime of a few seconds.