Upgrade from v0.1.0 to v1.x


We recommend creating an empty directory to follow this how-to. Following the how-to in an empty directory ensures that running Commodore doesn’t accidentally delete existing files.

workdir=$(mktemp -d)
pushd "${workdir}"
  1. Make a note of the cluster and tenant IDs

    export CLUSTER_ID=c-the-cluster-1234 (1)
    export TENANT_ID=t-the-tenant-1234 (2)
    1 Replace with the cluster ID of the cluster to update
    2 Replace with the tenant ID of the cluster’s tenant
  2. Make a note of the latest v1.x version

    export V1X=v1.0.0 (1)
    1 Replace with the latest v1.x release published on GitHub.
  3. Compile cluster catalog to create a local working directory to make the changes

    commodore catalog compile "${CLUSTER_ID}"
  4. Configure openshift4-operators instance openshift-operators-redhat

    yq eval -i '.applications += ["openshift4-operators as openshift-operators-redhat"]' \
  5. Upgrade openshift4-logging to v1.0.0

    yq eval -i ".parameters.components.openshift4-logging.version = \"${V1X}\"" \
  6. Commit and push changes to cluster config

    (cd "inventory/classes/${TENANT_ID}" && git commit -av && git push origin master)
  7. Compile and push cluster catalog

    commodore catalog compile --push -i "${CLUSTER_ID}"