Upgrade component-argocd from v5.5.x to v6.x

Migration to ArgoCD Operator

As of component version 6, the ArgoCD operator is used to manage ArgoCD on the cluster. To avoid ArgoCD becoming unavailable during the migration, it has to be prevented from pruning itself until the migration is complete.

1. Ensure component-argocd version v5.5.0 or higher is rolled out

component-argocd v5.5.0 or higher disables auto-pruning by default. This is required for the migration to succeed. Ensure your cluster uses component-argocd v5.5.0 or higher.

2. Ensure Steward version v0.9.0 or higher is installed on the cluster

Steward v0.9.0 and newer supports the migration to component-argocd v6.x. Older versions of Steward will interfere with the operator-managed ArgoCD deployment.

Steward version v0.9.0 is introduced in component-steward v3.6.0. If you manage Steward via Project Syn, ensure that component-steward v3.6.0 or higher is rolled out on the cluster.

3. Upgrade component-argocd with migration flag

The first time you roll out component-argocd v6.x, set the following configuration in your hierarchy:

      migrate: true

Roll out the upgrade with this configuration, and wait until the new pods for syn-argocd appear in the configured namespace.

4. Remove the migration flag to complete the migration

After the first rollout of v6.x, the migration flag can be removed. Once this change is rolled out, ArgoCD can become unavailable for up to 15 minutes, after which it should recover without manual intervention.