Upgrade component-argocd from v7.x to v8.x

ArgoCD Operator custom resource version migration

As of component version 8, the ArgoCD operator uses a new api version argoproj.io/v1beta1. If there are other unmanaged ArgoCD deployed, you need to enable the conversion webhook.

1. Upgrade component-argocd with conversion webhook flag

The first time you roll out component-argocd v8.x, set the following configuration in your hierarchy:

      conversion_webhook: true

Roll out the upgrade with this configuration, and wait until: * The ArgoCD operator deployment is rolled out. * All unmanaged ArgoCD CR are updated.

kubectl --as cluster-admin get argocds -A -ocustom-columns='NAMESPACE:.metadata.namespace,NAME:.metadata.name,API:.apiVersion'
NAMESPACE          NAME               API
openshift-gitops   openshift-gitops   argoproj.io/v1beta1
syn                syn-argocd         argoproj.io/v1beta1

2. Remove the migration flag to complete the migration

After the first rollout of v8.x, the conversion webhook flag can be removed.