Upgrade from 2.x to 3.x

This guide describes the steps to perform an upgrade of the component from version 2.x to 3.x.

Step-by-step guide

Version 2.1.0 introduced and enabled network policies by default. Version 3.0 disables the network policy for Keycloak due to a regression in certain environments.

The network policy for the built-in database is unaffected.

When using default network policy settings

Version 3.0 sets the parameter helm_values.networkPolicy.enabled back to false. The reason behind is explained in Default features.

If the circumstances explained there don’t apply to you and you still explicitly require this policy you can configure the following parameters to re-enable it:

      controllerNamespace: ingress-nginx # default, but set to where your ingress controller is
        enabled: true
If you don’t use nginx as ingress controller, have a look at helm_values.networkPolicy.extraFrom parameter and customize as needed.

When network policy already disabled

If you’ve explicitly disabled the network policy for Keycloak since v2.1.0, you can remove the parameter helm_values.networkPolicy.enabled from the hierarchy (but you don’t need to).