Upgrade from v9 to v10

This guide describes the steps to perform an upgrade of the component from version v9 to v10.

Parameter changes

  • charts.keycloakx changed from 1.3.2 to 1.6.0, the Keycloak image is updated from 17.0.2 to 18.0.2.

  • charts.postgresql changed from 10.16.2 to 11.6.15, the Postgresql version remains the same version 11.14.0-debian-10-r28.

  • postgresql_helm_values authentication parameters have been moved to postgresql_helm_values.auth reflecting the Helm chart upgrade to 11.

  • postgresql_helm_values.securityContext.enabled changed to postgresql_helm_values.primary.securityContext.enabled.

  • postgresql_helm_values.containerSecurityContext.enabled changed to postgresql_helm_values.primary.containerSecurityContext.enabled.

  • postgresql_helm_values.volumePermissions.securityContext.runAsUser has no direct equivalent and therefore the volume permissions setup has to be disabled entirely by setting postgresql_helm_values.volumePermissions.enabled to false.

  • postgresql_helm_values.shmVolume.chmod.enabled has no direct equivalent and therefore the shared volume setup has to be disabled entirely by setting postgresql_helm_values.shmVolume.enabled to false.

If you’ve configured custom values for any of those parameters, make sure to adjust your configurations when upgrading from component version v9 to v10.

Step-by-step guide

When upgrading the component, the following actions are required if the built-in database is used:

  1. Do a backup of the built-in database.

    kubectl -n "${namespace}" exec -ti keycloak-postgresql-0 -c keycloak-postgresql -- sh -c 'PGDATABASE="$POSTGRES_DB" PGUSER="$POSTGRES_USER" PGPASSWORD="$POSTGRES_PASSWORD" pg_dump --clean' > keycloak-postgresql-$(date +%F-%H-%M-%S).sql
  2. Apply the parameter changes.

  3. Compile and push the cluster catalog.

  4. If you use the built-in database, you need to delete its StatefulSet to allow ArgoCD to apply the new version.

    kubectl -n syn-keycloak delete sts keycloak-postgresql

    This step is necessary since the upgrade changes immutable properties in the Postgres StatefulSet if using the built-in database. This won’t delete the PVC data-keycloak-postgresql-0.

  5. Verify that ArgoCD can sync all resources.