Adding a new alert runbook

This how-to shows how you can add a new alert runbook using the provided template.

  1. Check out the component

    work_dir=$(mktemp -d)
    pushd ${work_dir}
    git clone . (1)
    1 If you don’t have write access to the projectsyn/component-rook-ceph repository, fork the repository and clone your fork
  2. Create new alert runbook from the template

    rule=MyAlertName (1)
    envsubst < docs/modules/ROOT/pages/runbooks/_RuleTemplate > docs/modules/ROOT/pages/runbooks/"${rule}.adoc"
    1 Replace with the name of the alert for which you want to generate an alert runbook page
  3. Add content to the new alert runbook

  4. Add the alert runbook to the navigation. Edit docs/modules/ROOT/partials/nav.adoc to add a link to your new runbook.

  5. Create a feature branch, commit and push your changes

    git checkout -b feat/alert-runbook-${rule}
    git add docs
    git commit -m'Add runbook for alert ${rule}'
    git push origin feat/alert-runbook-${rule}
  6. Create a PR by clicking the link provided in the git push output.