Alert rule: CephPGsDamaged

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During data consistency checks (scrub), at least one PG has been flagged as being damaged or inconsistent. Check to see which PG is affected, and attempt a manual repair if necessary.

Steps for debugging

Repair damaged PGs

$ ceph_cluster_ns=syn-rook-ceph-cluster
# List pools
$ kubectl -n ${ceph_cluster_ns} exec -it deploy/rook-ceph-tools -- rados ceph osd pool ls

$ kubectl -n ${ceph_cluster_ns} exec -it deploy/rook-ceph-tools -- rados list-inconsistent-pg <POOL> (1)
$ kubectl -n ${ceph_cluster_ns} exec -it deploy/rook-ceph-tools -- ceph pg repair <PG_NUM> (2)
1 Execute for the pool shown in the alert or all pools if no pool is shown.
2 Tries to repair the PG.