Alert rule: RookCephOperatorScaledDown

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This alert fires if the Rook-Ceph operator deployment is scaled to 0 for more than an hour. While the operator is scaled to 0, the Ceph cluster isn’t actively managed and could start degrading.

Steps for debugging

Check if the rook-ceph ArgoCD app is synced and healthy

$ kubectl -n syn get app rook-ceph
rook-ceph   Synced        Healthy

If the output of the kubectl command indicates that the app isn’t synced and healthy, check the app in ArgoCD. You can use the argocd CLI or the web interface to do so.

Check configured replicas in cluster catalog

Verify that the operator deployment manifest in the cluster catalog specifies .spec.replicas=1 by inspecting the cluster catalog. The cluster catalog is linked in column "GitRepo URL" on The operator deployment manifests can be found in manifests/rook-ceph/01_rook_ceph_helmchart/rook-ceph/templates/deployment.yaml.