Alert rule: CephPGNotDeepScrubbed

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One or more PGs haven’t been deep scrubbed recently. Deep scrub is a data integrity feature, protecting against bit-rot. It compares the contents of objects and their replicas for inconsistency. When PGs miss their deep scrub window, it may indicate that the window is too small or PGs weren’t in a 'clean' state during the deep-scrub window.

Steps for debugging

Initiate a deep scrub

$ ceph_cluster_ns=syn-rook-ceph-cluster
$ kubectl -n ${ceph_cluster_ns} exec -it deploy/rook-ceph-tools -- ceph health detail
$ kubectl -n ${ceph_cluster_ns} exec -it deploy/rook-ceph-tools -- ceph pg deep-scrub <PG_ID_FROM_ALERT>